The business, design or development team cannot come up with very good products and services alone. They have to work together.

For the last three years, we have tried to find a way to create more dynamic communication and enhanced cooperation. Every day is full of new information and discoveries.


Web design
Service design
Product design (in  co-operation with partners)

Proekspert employs a total of 130 people, with five designers in the design team as of now.


We have a total of around 130 talented people and an inspiring environment, which is fertile ground for creating professional and innovative solutions. Each member of Proekspert has to have initiative that upholds the approach of a management-free organisation. Teams decide which resources they need to promote the client’s business.

We create useful, innovative, functional and user-friendly solutions that make life easier. We want to be experts in future technology today. We are moving closer to that dream with our clients, who want and dare to be the first ones on new ground as soon as tomorrow.


TavexWise AS
Plaatdetail OÜ
TeliaSonera Finland Oy