About us

Design creates value

Estonian Design Centre fosters and connects the players in the field of design. We are partners to designers, entrepreneurs, public sector representatives and everyone else who wants to see Estonian design thrive.

Our aim is to make design more visible in our society, to increase design awareness and promote the use of design as a strategic tool for solving big societal challenges, growing the economy, increasing innovation and improving the quality of everyday life.

Estonian Design Centre is a member of The Bureau of European Design Association (BEDA), Connect Health (Estonian Health Tech Cluster) and The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI).

Founding members and partners

Founding members

The Estonian Design Centre was established on 21 April 2008 by:

Estonian Academy of Arts
Tallinn University of Technology
Estonian Design Institute
Estonian Association of Designers

Estonian Design Centre Council

Kristjan Mändmaa / Estonian Academy of Arts
Dean of the Faculty of Design
Kristjan Jagomägi / Estonian Design Institute, designer, DF
Martin Pärn / Tallinn University of Technology, professor
Ilona Gurjanova / Estonian Association of Designers, chairman

Estonian Design Centre Council is the highest governing body of the Estonian Design Centre.

Cooperation partners and supporters

Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Enterprise Estonia
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Tallinn City Enterprise Department 
Teenusmajanduse Koda
Creative Estonia

International projects:

Ecodesign Circle
Design for Europe

Advisory Board

Members of the Estonian Design Centre Supervisory Board

Kärt Summatavet
Martin Pärn
Kristjan Jagomägi
Maarja Mõtus
Liisa-Ly Pakosta
Janek Mäggi
Dan Mikkin
Arno Kütt

The role of Supervisory Board is to give advice to the management of the NGO.

Panel of Experts

Helena Nagel - DINT
Ionel Lehari - Identity
Jaan Naaber - Neway
Kristian Lember - DUX studio
Markko Karu - markkokaru.com
Pärtel Vurma - Velvet
Helena Veidenbaum
Hannes Paesoo - Koor
Daniel Kotsjuba - Avaliku sektori innotiim