Inspirational talk about British design

Time: June 18 4pm-6pm
Place: Club Shahmatt, Pikk 39, Tallinn
Participation fee is 10€ which can be payed in cash at the event.
The fee includes good wine and snacks. 

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Fifteen years ago the Labour Government coined the phrase Cool Britannia to describe British creativity. Much has changed politically since, but the UK creative community has battled on against economic adversity, building on the innovation for which it has long been famous.

Lynda Relph-Knight gives a snapshot of where British design stands now, highlighting three independent design groups whose individual approach shows in their work and the way they do business.

☞ The design groups:

Elmwood is an independent branding group based out of London, but have expanded to open offices across the world. It is renown for effective design and wins lots of design effectiveness awards. it was also named agency of the year by a magazine here this year.

Turner Duckworth is a packaging group set up by two British designers, but with one based in San Francisco. Its work for a mix of brands in various food and beverage brand, including Coca-cola, and supermarket brands like British retailer Waitrose. It wins a lot of awards for its designs.

The third is a digital group that crosses into fashion and performance. 

☞ About Lynda Relph-Knight:

Lynda Relph-Knight is an independent design writer and consultant. She works with design organisations and consultancies within the UK, mainly, but with a global slant, to promote a better understanding of design across disciplines among clients and within the design professions.

Her regular journalistic outlets include Architectural Review and Hong Kong lifestyle magazine Gafencu. She also publishes a small quarterly 'club' title, Tabletalk, for the UK design community to accompany regular dinners she hosts for designers.

Her previous experience was in journalism. She was editor of Design Week for more than 20 years until 2011 and covers all aspects of commercial design. She is an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Art in London, a Titan (advisor) at the School for Creative Startups and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.