Tallinn to host the 2022 European Design Awards Festival

Tallinn has been chosen as the city that will welcome the European Design Festival in June 2022

The prestigious event, which gathers hundreds of communication designers from all over the European continent (and beyond) is set to resume after a two year break, made necessary due to the ongoing pandemic. It consists of exhibitions, talks, design walks, workshops, conferences, social events and of course the European Design Awards gala.

Photo: Tallinn ©Tõnu Tunnel

“We always go for cities that have a vibrant design scene but at the same time are the kind of destinations that people are excited to visit” says Mr Demetrios Fakinos, the European Design Festival director and added “Tallinn is such a place: an attractive, innovative city that is immersed in the great nordic design culture. I’m sure that with the help of our local partner, the Estonian Design Centre, we will offer an inspiring event that will make everyone happy to attend”.

Photo: European Design Awards 2018 ©Aksel Jermstad

The Head of Estonian Design Centre Ms Tiia Vihand asserts: ‘‘We believe that European Design Awards Festival has a significant impact on local design community, as well as helps us to spread the word about the impact of design in our society generally. We feel very honored and excited that next year we can host the event in Tallinn.‘‘
‘‘We are also grateful for City of Tallinn for their contribution and willingness to bring European Design Awards to Tallinn,‘‘ emphasizes Ms Vihand.

The ED-Festival has since 2007 been hosted in cities like Stockholm, Zurich, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Istanbul, Vienna, Porto and Oslo, to name a few. Its mission is to celebrate European design, facilitate designers to meet, be inspired and build networks, but also to help promote the design discipline to wider audiences.

For more information check www.europeandesign.org

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