Typogrophy workshop Type!

On May 8 designers Gunnar Vilhjálmssoni and Neelakash Kshetrimayum will conduct typography workshop Type! in Tallinn.

Time: May 8, 9.30-16.30
Place: Estonian Design Centre (Baltika Quarter, Veerenni 24)
Price: 125€ / 75€ for students
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It will focus on drawing letterforms, understanding anatomy, proportions and the relationship among them. Participants explore both pencil and digital drawing, and eventually generate letterforms into a typeface.

Drawing I (10:00-12:30) hands on session that invokes drawing letters with pencils and broad nibbed pens etc. It is divide into two sections — general drawing and drawing with a purpose. In general drawing, you're drawing to familiarise yourself with the relationship of tools and shapes of letterforms. Drawing with a purpose involves more planning— the intended use for the typeface, where would it be used, etc.

Drawing II (13:30 -15:00) session where you take your pencil-drawn letterforms to computer. In this session, you'll learn how to draw with bezier outlines, spacing, testing and generating typeface.

Feedback (15:15 -16:30) session for discussion and feedback.

Desired results would be to have a proof of concept of a new typeface, having designed a few key characters, that give sense to the overall flavour of the design.

About the designers: 

Gunnar Vilhjálmsson is a Senior Type Designer at Monotype, London. He has worked on diverse design projects for both art institutions and global enterprises along with teaching graphic design and co-authoring a book on the history and evolution of an essential letterform in his native language Icelandic, the 'eth' (ð). With a keen interest in multi-script typefaces, particularly ones involving Arabic and North-Indic scripts, Gunnar currently devotes his time to a variety of font projects at Monotype.


A communication design graduate from the National Institute of Design, India, Neelakash has worked with a wide range of organisations focusing on print media. While working on diverse design projects, he discovered his interest in 'type' which eventually took him to one of the finest schools for type design, the University of Reading, UK. Since graduation he has worked on various projects as a typeface consultant with Adobe, Tiro Typeworks and Dalton Maag. Though his primary interest lies in making typefaces, Neelakash continues to work in the field of graphic design – identity, branding, publication, illustration.